JsonTextDecodeWithDictionaries doesn't work on iOS, but it should

Hi there,

I want to use the following block in my app:

It works great on my Android device, but on iOS I get this error message:

Anyway, regarding the "Progress of App Inventor for iOS" page this block should work on iOS:

There is a slight issue here in that when I originally created the doesappinventorrunonios.com website it tracked (and continues to track) the main branch in our source code repository. This wasn't an issue before the companion was released because it was mostly to serve as a progress meter on the implementation. Of course, we've implemented new features on the main branch that haven't been published through the App Store yet, so this reflects what you can see in the next version no longer what is implemented in the current version. I will need to refactor the system so that it can support both current and future coverage.

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