Json format in firebase and dictionary

I'm trying to store data in firebase and then show them in the new list view with image and text.
I have a problem with the format of the data and I haven't all the knowlege about the right format of json and why I got two different type.
The second format works right , the first doesn't work in list view.


This is the code I'm using now and works good, no sub tags and all the data in the main bucket.

This is the code that doesn't work, with sub tags, I can store it and retrive but when I manage the data with dictionary block (get value at key path) to add in the list , I can't show the value correctly in the list view

And this is the code I used to fill the list view

The format with sub tag is better for me to search data in db but I fix with the new code and a little of code to search,bur my question is about the format and how I can fix the problem and why this difference. I'm curious to know the technical information. Thanks

You do not show how you are retrieving the data, for both methods.

FWIW, the first result you show is displaying each set of list data as a string, in a list, whilst the second result shows all the data as a properly formatted json.

Also, why not use the CreateElement block to store your data?

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Sorry :sweat_smile:
I saw a guide in the forum , I call all the tag and with a for each I save them in dictionary to use the power of dictionary :rofl: according to my knowledge :man_facepalming:t2:

Thanks but why if I add sub tag changes the format ?

Because I didn't knew I can use it in this way. Very nice . I will try. Thanksl
And with this method , how to manage data after retrieved from firebase ?

You are not giving much away, are you....

Sorry I don't understand

You are actually using AI2 lists :wink:

I haven't tested this part, may depend on which of your nested tags you are calling back.....

This is the code I used to retrieve data

I saved the data in dictionary to learn and improve all the blocks, study new way to store, new structure, I think is very powerful to manage data . I'm learning

Not really necessary, duplication of data and effort, just call them back as you need them.

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I will do some test. If you see the first button Store is very different , the tag is the full date, instead in the second button Store I tried to create subtag for years, months to easy search my data.
Now I fix with no subtag and the search bar of the listview but I don't like a lot, I will try your hints to save, to learn new things, but I don't know if lists are good for my search.
My goal is to search all the data of july or all the data of 2024 etc
And thanks again :pray:

If you saved your tags like this:

you can then sort the taglist chronologically, because it is alpha-numeric.

You could add -MMM to the end of your date pattern to make it easier to filter the tag names by month

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This not work for me , what is wrong :man_shrugging:

You need to add the value as an item to a list, then set that list to the listview.
The listview expects an AI2 list....

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Oh my God,yes of course :man_facepalming:
It's time to bed :joy: :joy:
Probably to manage data for my goal is more difficult that the method I'm using now with dictionary , but I want to try, to thank you for the help

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