JSon Data not recognized

I have the Problem to read JSon Data
I have a Text like [{"LO": "Hobby"}] and I try to convert it with .JsonTextDecode and it gives an Error of
Invalid list of pairs [[["Lo","Hobby"]]]
what I'm doing wrong ?

The Problem is the outer [] Brackets but why MIT App Inventar makes the brackets when I read BLE Text String without these Brackets

Two methods for you, the first to make a list, the second to make a dictionary

The problem comes from not noticing that the block that receives BLE strings will always give you a list of the strings it just received, not just one string. The parameter name ends in an 's', implying plural, hence a list.

When you try to use a list as a piece of text, AI2 converts it to a piece of text for you, but it wraps the text with to remind you that you are being sloppy with your use of lists and should have used a for each block or a select item block to pick items out of the list.


You have not said exactly what you want to do with the data.