Jelly Toggle: Animated Toggle Button

An extension for animated toggle button with 15 different toggle animations.

LazyTrembleTailFatty LazyTrembleHeadFatty


Of all the available blocks

Event fired when the state of the toggle is changed

isChecked: Whether toggle is checked

Initialize the toggle jelly in an arrangement

component: Horizontal / Vertical arrangement
animation: Animation of the toggle


Changes the toggle animation

animation: Animation of the toggle

Changes the left and right background colour of the toggle


Returns the left and right background-colour

Whether the toggle should be checked


Whether toggle is checked

Whether the toggle can be checked or unchecked by dragging


Whether toggle can be dragged


Toggle jelly animations list:

  • Itself
  • LazyTrembleHeadFatty
  • LazyTrembleHeadSlimJim
  • LazyTrembleTailFatty
  • LazyTrembleBodyFatty
  • LazyTrembleBodySlimJim
  • LazyStiffFatty
  • LazyStiffSlimJim
  • ActiveTrembleHeadFatty
  • ActiveTrembleHeadSlimJim
  • ActiveTrembleTailFatty
  • ActiveTrembleBodyFatty
  • ActiveTrembleBodySlimJim
  • ActiveStiffFatty
  • ActiveStiffSlimJim
  • RandomJelly

The name refers to the animations. These are the property blocks.


Direct Download: Jelly Toggle
Google drive: Jelly switch - Google drive

All thanks to Jelly Toggle Button library. Say me if anything is wrong!

Similar extension by @Techno_Vedang


Wow, you are amazing :heart_eyes: @Kumaraswamy


That's very clever ᴋᴜᴍᴀʀᴀsᴡᴀᴍʏ...... I like the names of the options :grin:


Love it @Kumaraswamy Definitively going to be using this in the near future

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  1. The name Jelly is very nice
  2. U may need another function block which toogle switch

That's okay, can be did with the blocks available.

How where is block

Will this toogle if yes may be I wish u could change checked property to toogle because checked refers to check box on my mind

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Toggle means to switch from one state like on to of checked means the value of the button is positive.

What it means
still u din't say how it can be done with blocks


Use the logic, currently I cannot open app inventor.

So what result I get u mean it will switch any side to right if set true and left if set false

Sorry, cannot understand you're logic.

Leave my logic what result I get on my mobile if

To true and what result I get when false

Cannot understand what are you saying.

Sample application if you are having trouble with blocks.

toogle.aia (129.4 KB)

@KUMARASWAMY_B.G Nice extension, but in addition to animation, the ability to set the size of the switch would be useful. Not necessarily width and height separately because it could distort the shape. We could only set the width, the height would be proportional.


Man, I really wish they had this added. I oftentimes use it for things like setting a timer to time you and put this option at the bottom of the screen, it would be great if I could edit the width and height to be smaller than the actual size. But Ty @Kumaraswamy for the animation. Makes my app look even cooler and slick.

There has been a Switch component for some time.....


Hm yes, the recommended size is 5% Height and 15% Width

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Change JellyToggle.checked to JellyToggle.on like it is for normal switch.

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