Je rencontre une Erreur

La zone de blocs n’a pas été chargé correctement. Les changements relatifs à l’écran 5028493906542592_MENU ne vont pas être sauvegardés.

Aidez moi à résoudre ce problème svp

Download your AIA project by clicking on "Projects" > "Export selected project (.aia) to my computer" and post it here.

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Mostly this error will arise whenever user use blocks too much may be more than in K in per screen or same type of blocks in multiple times or any of the components count goes out of limit.. So make sure with number of blocks

This is not true. It is usually due to corruption in the XML of some kind (such as an unallowed control character in the comments). Large projects tend to cause browsers to warn that the page is running slowly but the error message here is generated by App Inventor because it was unable to process the XML correctly during a load.

Oh!!! my bad move..