Java to HTML in appengine

Hello team
How are you
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I wanted to know something

I wanted to know that in appengine folder After src/..... We find many java files and those are converted to html which we can see in the form of interface shown
I wanna to edit some things there I have easily done it by inspect and changing the requirements

But I wanna to make it live
I mean that i wanted to make those changes in my source and i am not having knowledge about how this java files are converted to html

Help will be appreciated

Thank you

Do you mean you want to code HTML in Java?

No man
Appengine contains src folder and then some more folders after that we can see some java files that are converted to html
I wanna to know how this is done
Means process

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Oh Ok, got it

You'll have to use a specialized tool in order to do so, since HTML and Java are not even close to being similar (the former is a Scripting Language, while the latter is an Object-Oriented Language).

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The code in appengine directory is responsible for user interface of App Inventor web application, in order to change in that you need to learn Google Web Toolkit, this is a java framework that helps you to build user interface the source code is compiled by GWT and somehow it converts into javascript and those javascript files create user interface at runtime.


Yes sir I had a course on Gwt yesterday only :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
and got to know about it day before yesterday

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Just to further specify @preetvadaliya's comment. The appengine sources are split into multiple parts, and the code for the web frontend is specifically found in appengine/src/com/google/appinventor/client.


Sir I wanna to know something about the title
As shown in the Code in index.HTML file we can see that in title it is written that it is set at Runtime
Can you please tell me how I can change it
As I have tried to hardcode it but still after sometime it changes back to MIT app inventor

@Horizon are you asking about HTML title for browser tab, then it is defined in i don't remember now but under the window title you find "MIT App Inventor" change it according your requirement.


Thank you @preetvadaliya sir and @ewpatton sir

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