[java] [RunAapt] ERROR: Error running AAPT

I am compiling the sources for the app inventor server, but in the final stage it gives me the following error, can you tell me what could be causing it?:

 [java] [RunAapt] ERROR: Error running AAPT
 [java] [RunAapt] Task errored in 0.224 seconds
 [java] dic 06, 2023 4:49:23 AM com.google.appinventor.buildserver.util.Execution execute
 [java] INFORMACIÓN: ____Executing /tmp/aapt570454644852507636 package -v -f -M /tmp/1701834557608_0.3065081735902423-0/youngandroidproject/../build/AndroidManifest.xml -S /tmp/1701834557608_0.3065081735902423-0/youngandroidproject/../build/intermediates/res/merged -A /tmp/1701834557608_0.3065081735902423-0/youngandroidproject/../build/assets -I /tmp/android9022657807149615052.jar -F /tmp/1701834557608_0.3065081735902423-0/youngandroidproject/../build/deploy/MIT AI2 Companion._ap -m -J /tmp/1701834557608_0.3065081735902423-0/youngandroidproject/../build/generated/src --custom-package edu.mit.appinventor.aicompanion3 --output-text-symbols /tmp/1701834557608_0.3065081735902423-0/youngandroidproject/../build/generated/symbols --no-version-vectors
 [java] /tmp/aapt570454644852507636: 1: /tmp/aapt570454644852507636: ELF: not found
 [java] /tmp/aapt570454644852507636: 2: /tmp/aapt570454644852507636: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

What platform are you running building this on? My guess is that it is an architecture issue (we include the x86_64 aapt binary), so if you are running on a 32-bit x86 architecture, or on ARM, you will have to substitute the corresponding aapt and other binaries from the Android SDK for your host platform.

It is a x86 32-bit Lubuntu 16: I have no knowledge, so I can't explain it better. How could I install the corresponding aapt?
Thanks for answering

You need to install the standard Android SDK from Google, and then copy over the aapt, aapt2, zipalign, and any support libraries to lib/android/tools/linux. However, I am not sure that Google supports Android builds any more on x86 so that might be an impediment.