Its possible use class for button or image sprite for no create many image sprites or buttons?

i would like to reuse the button or image sprite for not create a lot buttons and a lot images sprites. someone guide to reuse?. i see that only need use dynamic component but i dont know how make that with dynamic component.

Tell us more about your app, why you use many buttons or imageSprite?

Study Go Scroll Yourself! blocks only (No extensions, No JavaScript)

for extension-free component reuse via a sliding window.

because i am using many balls and sprite for create a game. so i need to reuse the balls sprites and buttons. for make that

you can drag in many balls, hide them first, and make them visible when needed.

and use general block event.

how can use a general block event?. i tried find some guide but i dont find.

two ways to add generic event:

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ok i understand thanks for help

Here is a recent sample: