Its possible protect the number not showing using texting sms component?

i would like to send and receive and sending sms using a id name or number id without the app show the number of the receivers and senders. its possilble make that?.

its possible use some encrypt form for number phone to receive and sebd messages securely?

How would encrypting the phone number secure any sent or received messages ?

with 2 apps the send and receive. only you send messages. and the other send and receive that only receive the message and not the number, the number will be encrypted. its possible make that?

its possible connect using a cellphone that works intermediary cellphone and this process the receiver messages. but my question its about texting, if you can replace the number display in texting for a id name or number.

Your default sms app on your device will always show the number


maybe using api server sms can change that?

you can try to find a way to hide the number somehow, but this is out of scope of this community