It's Greek to Me

Does anyone know why this is happening? Everything is in English (or any other language I choose) except for the content in the Viewer, which is in Greek. Our tech guy and I can not figure out what is happening.


Does any one know the Greek word for "Greek"?

Alternatively, does your desktop O/S or browser have any language translation settings or extensions?

Unfortunately that menu does not for this.

Could you take a screen shot of the entire desktop while showing the AI2 Projects List?

That would expose the AI2 language setting, and some information about your environment(s).

P.S. If this is happening only for one Project, could you export its .AIA file and post that here for examination?

Ελληνικά is the word for Greek but there is no such option in menu because there is no Greek lanquage

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Also it is not a translation issue because words aren't actual greek. It looks to me like letters were replaced by greek letters. For example Students in greek is Μαθητές but here I see Στυδεντσ.

Try to open project with another browser and see if same problem occurs

Two other things that come to mind:

  1. If your browser supports auto translation or has an extension that does translation, it might be trying to translate the English into Greek if your native platform language is Greek.
  2. There may be some weird situation where your browser's default sans-serif font is a Greek Alphabet font. Specifically, in the blocks editor it looks like the text is a direct character-for-character substitution from the Latin alphabet to the Greek alphabet, e.g., when => ɷηεν (omega, eta, epsilon, nu). I'm not sure exactly where you would set this, but check your browser and operating system settings. You may temporarily want to try another browser to see if you get the same issue to eliminate that as a possibility.
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