Item from a json file

I want to get a special item from a json file.
The url for the json is:

I want for example the “Warnstufe” from “Name”: “Rust” from the last date
Hope somebody can help me how I can solve this.
kindly regards

I have tried a solution.
Here my code.
I want to search for a city but in the function ort I will get an error like:

The operation select list item cannot accept the arguments: , [[[["GKZ", "10101"], ["Name", "Eisenstadt"], ["Region", "Gemeinde"], ["Warnstufe", "2"]], [["GKZ", "10201"], ["Name", "Rust"], ["Region", "Gemeinde"], ["Warnstufe", "2"]], [["GKZ", "10301"], ["Name", "Breitenbrunn am Neusiedler See"], ["Region", "Gemeinde"], ["Warnstufe", "2"]], [.....

The function warnstufe does work.
Hope somebody can help me.
kindly regards

This answers the example in your first post, hopefully you can work things out from there:


I attach an aia project file for you:

JSONWalk.aia (10.7 KB)

I had to use a small extension by @Hossein called List Utils, to sort the dates list.

Documentation on using dictionaries: