It is possible to have available offline (airplain mode), an image obtained through URL? (From URL to Asset)

I will write in english and español.
I really searched the forum and I can't find what I want. Sorry if it is an issue already solved.
I want to save and show a Logo in a Canvas (even offline). Logo comes by URL.
If I use, I realized that URL is stored instead of the picture, so when i have neither Wifi nor movil data, I get an blank rectangle.
Try with canvas.SaveAs doesn't works because of Android R restrictions in folder emulated/0/Android/Data/...../my_image.jpg .
When Wifi or movil data is OK, my app works perfectly.
Thanks in advance.

Cargo una imagen en un Canvas desde una URL y todo funciona perfectamente excepto cuando no tengo Wifi ni datos moviles, en ese momento obtengo un rectangulo blanco (porque siempre busca la URL). Necesito que esa imagen se siga mostrando aunque no tenga conexión, pero de todas las maneras que probé guardarla, sólo me guarda la URL y nunca la imagen.
Muchas gracias.

You cannot download an image when you have no data or internet connection.

You can download and save your image when you do have a data connection, and reuse this saved image when there is no network connection.

There are several ways to do this. Here is one method:


Hi, of course I can't download an image when I have no data or internet connection.
This method is working perfectly. Thank you so much.

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