It gives an error because I had to write 1 more index than I wanted in the Select items block. How can I fix it?

Hello, First of all, I am a little young and very new to mit app inventor. As you can see, in my project, I was going to list the data I got from the tag list one by one as username + points, but I think it adds it once more at the end of the for loop and the loop is broken. I translated this because I don't know English, sorry if my writing is bad.


Start "number" at 1 not 0.

You do not need your counter variable "global artansayi", just replace the index items with "number"

Thank you, so how can I create a leaderboard using this data? It should show the highest 5 scores.

Search leaderboard in this community, there are so many posts in about this.

'top 5' is also a good search term.

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