Issues with connecting 2 Lego NXT bricks using bluetooth

I am a computer sciences and robotics teacher from Israel.
At first I wrote an app that communicates with an NXT smart brick and all was fine:
NXT_Drive_Sensors.aia (3.8 KB)

Then I tried to build an app that connects with 2 smart bricks (as one of my students has built a robot with 4 motors). I wrote this app:
NXT_Claws.aia (4.0 KB)

The problem: I cannot connect 2 bricks simultaneously: no matter which I order I try to connect to them, the first one connects OK, the second one fails...
Please advise
Yossi Yaron

I am not one of this board's BlueTooth experts, but I have a good eye.

In the claws app, this looks suspicious:

Maybe it should read:

(You have cross wired the connection lists?)

Also, I see a free hanging NXT component that might be trouble:

(blocks are draggable)

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Thank you!!!!
You are right. This is the problem with copy-paste code...

Thanks for telling me I got it right!

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