Issues updating companion

We use App Inventor 2 in a school environment connecting using the emulator.
It says we need to update the companion, previously I have updated logged on as admin and it then works for whoever logs on to the computer.
This time it is letting me update as admin but when logging on as a different user to the computer it says the companion needs to update, and fails with either "unable to parse the package" or a string of errors relating to org.apache.harmony.luni.platform.
Can anyone advise how the students can update the companion please?.
Could Smoothwall be blocking something for them but not for me?. I have checked web filter but nothing reporting.

Yes Smoothwall could be blocking the students. Since you have admin privileges, you can probably update and perhaps they can not. Talk to your IT department . Smooth wall filters ability to access the Internet and to update the Companion, the student’s PC must retrieve a file from the MIT server. Jo. Your IT department seems to have changed its white list settings.

There is some information about using AI2 in school environments here. School IT/Network Admins: Information specific to school networks (also helpful for conferences and hotel situations)

Perhaps it will help your school team to get things working for you.

Please let us know when you get student access or if not, what you tried.