Issues in controling multiple listviews

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I have a part of my app that I am creating that lists a wishlist, and being the masochist that I am, I keep finding new list categories that I want to add. The way I have built it, I have a listpicker that chooses the list name, and a text box that fills the item for the wishlist, and then when button is pressed, it uses the listpicker selection to decide which list to write it to. The code is a little ugly, but mostly serviceable for my needs.

I have had problems with the last 2 lists (Fixed Price and Dust in the Wind) that despite the code reading just as the others do, they are not adding to the list. I have confirmed that the names line up asnd that I am not missing code, but I must be missing something. Can you tell me what is going funky here?

I have not had a chance to test this out, but you could greatly simplify your blocks, and thus remove any errors. Here is an example:

multiListviewsAndLists.aia (3.6 KB)

You just need to keep everything in the same order: topics, listviews, data

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The way you have it laid out makes sense. My only problem currently is that the 5 other lists have been in use for me already and tiny DB 1-5 are already full of data. Is that a way to either transfer the data from the databases, or tweak the code in a way that allows me to use multiple databases for this?

Assuming you will create new blocks in your existing app, you can transfer the data from your original lists to the "masterList", one by one. Something like this:


Just ensure that you set your original lists to the correct indexes in the masterList, to match your "topics" list.

I am not sure I understand the button 2: So there is a button that transfers the information from point a to point b, but do i have to type in each list item seperate? Am I supposed to be referencing the listpicker selectionindex in this case?

Second question, you said "Just ensure that you set your original lists to the correct indexes in the masterList, to match your "topics" list." Am i taking that to understand that I will set need to make sure that the global variable and the list item share the same name?

This method might make more sense...

You would do this only once, to transfer your existing lists to the masterlist, then you would work from the masterlist from then on.

With your pickList, you can see that the item at index 1 - ListA, you would therefore call the masterlist at index 1 to return that list.

List details transferred and now all 7 lists work as intended. Since I now have the new system with a masterlist, my delete buttons have stopped working. With the old delete listpickers, I had them referencing the old global lists, I have tried a few different layouts for referencing the sublist in masterlist for the delete listpickers, it doesn't seem to be working. Could you lay out for me how to build a delete button on a list of lists/masterlist structure like this?

Delete a single item in a sublist ?

Thanks for the insight, I was able to figure out the rest from there. thanks!

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