Issues downloading

I have recently been having some issues downloading .apk directly to my Samsung A20 using the scan code. apk is 4559kb

Issue 1 Having scanned the code and selected the url typically a pop up comes up with a download button, this recently sometimes does not show

Issue 2 The download finishes but the .apk file won't load "problem while parsing the package"

Issue 3 Australian EST between 7pm - 12pm downloads to the PC often take an extended length of time and then fail to be successful

( these issues didn't exist a month ago, downloading the apk using the barcode directly to the phone was quick and non problematic )

Work around

Early morning 5am - 7am I have greater success downloading to the phone, but I can still have issues with the download file not parsing.

I have found that downloading the file to the PC first and then copying the file to the download directory of the phone is typically successful

Hello Malcolm

Well, sounds like a Broadband issue. Make sure App Inventor is the 'King' of your browser (nothing else 'big' running at the same time). If in the office, ask IT about the network. If at home, make sure no one else is taking up the Broadband.

If Broadband is good and you are using Chrome or FireFox, then there must be something in your App causing the issue. Grab a coffee and go through my check list:
ProfessorCad: Tips & Tricks Cannot Build/Install/Run APK

"Make sure no one else is taking up the Broadband", much safer to get up earlier in the morning when they are asleep!

Thanks, will look at your tips and tricks.