Issue with the Sound Block

If you put a Sound-Source sentenece after the block Sound-Play we will lost all the sounds.

vibrar.aia (34.8 KB)

And what is the problem? What do you expect?

I hope to hear the ordered sound. And not lose all the sounds.

In Android it runs well. I don't lost the sound. This issue is running only in iOS.

Which ordered sound?

The first source sound. See you the image. I have none sound with these blocks.


What is the intention? I don't understand at all what the goal is.

can you explain, what you want to do?
First play sound1, then sound2?
use the Player component and the Completed event of the Player to start sound2 after sound1 completed playing


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Change the source sound for other next play sound in an other later sentence.

I've nothing to add.

Of course, the problem has this solution that you say, but this "strange" behavior can cause confusion in any programmer.

then let me suggest you to follow that solution...



You should be changing the Source before calling Play. Changing the source while an existing sound is playing will stop it because it requires preparing the next sound for playback.

And it's of course the same with Android.

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