Issue with the slider motion

Good afternoon to the team! I have a small question with the spinner function and maybe someone could help me. I have set a minimum value of one and a maximum of 4. The spinner is set to the value of one. The rationale is that when it stops at one of the remaining three positions (A, B or C), it will perform an action. The problem is that if I want to go directly to position B, I will go through position A and it will first do the action I programmed for position A. Any idea how to make the spinner skip intermediate positions when I move it? Thank you very much!

Hello visvardist

You sure you mean the spinner and not the slider? The spinner is essentially a drop-down list to select from and it sounds as though that would suit your application better than a slider.

Try this:

and / or this:

Yes! Sorry for the mistake at the expression. Slider mean. The line which goes left and right.

Thank you for your answer. I ll try to see if it works!

[Anke] I tried the second way and it worked. Thank you very much!!
image 7

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