Issue with the MIT app inventor whenver trying to login throws server error

Can any one help here whenever i'm trying to login it throws server error for me

Please try to enter from here :

And Then Press Button (Create Apps)

This link will open AI2 without trying to load your last project (which might be gumming up the works):
MIT App Inventor

A screenshot of the exact error message would also help us give you more targeted advice.

Doesn't look like an MIT AI2 url ?



No it still didn't work.

Well both servers are up and running.

Anything different/changed with your local network environment ? Try another computer ?

Not that I know of but I am working from home today so I am going to call my internet provider. I think the issues is with them. Thanks for your help!

Can you show us more properly?

Make sure you're connected to the right Wifi access point at your home. It looks like what might be happening is you're connected to an AT&T guest access point and it is attempting unsuccessfully to redirect you to a login page. Once you're on the right network you shouldn't get redirected.

Try with VPN for browser.