Issue with Savefile in Android 10

In Android 9 the 'Savefile' method makes a file: /sdcard/filename.csv
I can share it easily:

In Android 10, the same method saves it in a different directory.

I want to find it in the same directory.

This might help you

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Or this:

However, this will no longer work (for new apps) when AI2 targets API 30 (→ Aug 2021).

Thx. And where can I find:

Get the path of the ASD (application specific directory) Extension by BodyMindPower
PS: you could have found it yourself in the extensions directory

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Or by simply searching:


Thanks. This will solve my problem.

One more question:
Where do I find this type of blocks?


Now I have this::

Right mouse click:

Wow. Thanks for the quick reply.

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