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I am trying to get rid of the parenthesis and timestamps off the list. In order for me to search the list for the name entered into the box, I can't have the paranthesis or else it will not do the if/else statement.

Here's the code

For a single column csv table, c8f5156abf3048dfbff343fd17ca81c3e6621e96_2_690x187 instead of table from csv use split at \n


It's a google sheets form, and it automatically puts the time stamp in when it's entered into the form via code. Is there anyway to delete that from the list??


Here are 2 value procedures you can use to pull single columns from a table:

They should be draggable directly into your Blocks Editor.

Alternatively, just ask for the name column from Google Sheets, as a range:


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what about only selecting the column you need?


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I used the code on that page, but not I'm getting another error and it's not even putting the entry onto my sheet.



ABG, I used that getrange trick to enable me to only pull the names. I've also figured out the error and that's not showing up anymore. However, the parentheses are still showing up.

Take the resulting list of lists (table) and use my COLUMN procedure to ask for column 1.
That should give you a one dimensional list.

Do you know how to call a procedure with parameters?

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Not sure, I know how to call a procedure, that part's easy.

Also, there is only one column showing up now... No timestamps. The only issue is that the parentheses are still showing up around the name. Is there any code I can enter where it's like "when forWriting.GotText delete "(", ")""

?? Something that just takes out the parentheses?

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are you talking about my link?

App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Google Spreadsheet Database | Pura Vida Apps

I don't see you using the blocks of that example...


No, I was talking about ABG's reply with a link to "Get range" from my sheet. I used the get range so now I have only the name, but the parentheses are still showing up.

You are getting a column of data back which is a list of lists (table). For the manner in which you are getting the data back you will need to extract each item from its row and add it to a new list in order to easily remove the parentheses


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