Issue with DatePicker

When I set manually image it's displaying 14/06 items
but when I would Like with DatePicker image

and selecting date 14/06 it's NOT displaying???

Use Do it to debug your blocks, join day and month results 14/6 not 14/06 and most probably causes the problem. You can check lenght of day and month and add a leading zero or use clock component

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@dora_paz thank you for your response you're right with DatePicker it's showing 14/6 and with clock 14/06. I would with to use Datepicker with Clock component so I don't have an idea how to use. Could you please help me. Thanks in advance!

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@dora_paz Thank you so much it's working! :pray: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :+1:

Is it possible to hide one of side?
I mean I would like to see either image

OR this

BUT not both together


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