Issue with BLE App Crashing When Sending Data

I'm trying to make an app that will let me send info from some sliders to a ble blend micro, but im really just wanting to get some communication working before I get into all that. I can send strings from a ble gatt app off the appstore and it appears correctly on my serial monitor, but sending anything from the mit app just crashes the app instantly and I cannot figure out what it is. I have the UUIDs correct. All help appreciated.

This is also my first post so let me know if you need more info or anything. I've tried to upload all code.
BLE_Jason.aia (197.8 KB)
ble_test.ino (2.2 KB)

With Companion or APK?

  • Show your blocks.
  • BLE ext. version?
  • Did you enable "Location"?
  • Android version?

I put the APK on my oneplus 9 running android 13.1
Location and BT are on and permissions have been given
Latest Version of the extension

I've decided to simply use an esp32 instead. Not worth the hassle.

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