Issue with AI2 Companion on Older Androids

I am having a problem with the companion app working on the older tablets (Android 4.4.2) that my students are currently using. We are working on the Logo2 assignment in MobileCSP. Students using their own phones could test the app and it worked fine. Students who used my older tablets got a Runtime Error - "undefined" any time they tried to use the turn procedure. We tried updating both the tablet OS and the AI2 Companion app. Neither update helped. I have no idea why it works on the newer Androids but isn't on the older. Thanks!

Hello and Welcome Amelia.

Does the Project involve Firebase? Firebase requires Android 5.1+.

It may be an issue with the Screen size. Older devices usually have smaller H x W number of pixels.
Your new Androids are Android versions ? and old Androids are 4.4.2 Android versions? It is possible a component uses system calls not possible with the older version.

should work. This could be an issue of the 4.4.2 having a slower processor. . Has anyone tried running the Project in the emulator? It works fine in my emulator (just the basic emulator).

Are the 4.4.2 students using the 2.62 Companion or another version?

Are your students also developing ios?

edit: I just tried this on a 4.4.2 Android with Companion 2.62 and it works just fine when using the button to turn the 'Android' sprite image. :slight_smile: