Issue while converting to Java

Hi World,
This is my first post in this community and i am experiencing an issue. I made some time ago an app with MIT App Inventor and now i want to publish it to Google Play store but before exporting it as AAB and uploading it to my play console i want to make some technical edits using the Android Studio Keystore manager and other features of Android Studio
The problem is that there is no "official" way to do this. I found online and on this forums other people having this issue and other's that suggested using the MIT App Inventor Java Bridge (find out here: Java Bridge) but after exporting my project to .aia and uploading it there i got an unknown error that said that it is a bug and asked me to report it. Likewise, I also saw the Official App Inventor and the Java Bridge have different Versions and maybe is that the problems. Now i am asking here is there is another way to export a MIT app inventor app to android studio to edit its properties
Yesterday i also retried with the bridge but i think that it is impossible to upload a project from MIT app inventor to Java Bridge
Let me know

In the long run it will be easier to build your app in Android Studio, or find the tools to edit your AI2 app. Depends on what exactly you want to do - you do not say so no-one can offer alternatives....

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Hi, thanks for replyng

So i would like to import to Android Studio to manage my app sign and keystore independently. Let me know if it's possible

There are several topics on how to do this on the community....

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I will try

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