Issue regarding clouddb chat app

the problem is that i made and clouddb chat app from seeing website. but when i downloaded the app
and when i opened it is telling stream has went off.please help me

Are you using the MIT CloudDB ?

Please show your CloudDB in Designer.

ok i will pin my screenshot

it is my project, do you want to show the code also. because i am having only 5 day's time . I am 13

hi I am having an issue regarding mit app inventor chat app . i am using mit clouddb for this project. but when I downloaded the app which I made when i type anything and press the sumbit button in the list only 0 is coming. i have pined my screenshot of the Clouddb designer page here!

You have opened two similar topics. Be patient, you will get your answer. Requesting @powerusers to close/merge this topic

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Pleas show your block :upside_down_face:

ok thank you

ok i will show now

I think you should add this too :

oh ok i wil check and tell

Don't double post. I merged your topics.

ok thank you . i have completed it is working. thank u so much

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