Issue in the Replace Text with character @

The block Replace Text to change the character @ for other character stop the app immediately without prior notice. Only in iOS, in Android is running well this block.
This is the block with thos issue:

Can you give more details about the content being replaced? I tried the following with iOS and it worked:

Tested with iOS Companion 2.62.6-8 with iPhoneX v16.7.7.
The issue happens when I receive a text from an external web PostText with the event GotText responseContent that it have a character @. To simulate this issue is necesary to have and external web server access. And I can not show you because the app stop without prior notice in this block when the responseContent has a @ character.

Can you write the response to a file instead (or simulate it locally) and send me the contents in a private message? My guess is that somehow we end up running out of memory if it's a particularly large response but I'm not sure.

The responseContent has 45.106 characters. It is a little big text.
I have caught the text of the response received with a NotifierMessage (see you this initial text received from the external server) -this response has characters@ to separete fields).