Issue can't compile, stuck at "The compiler error output was"

I cannot download without any errors

It have 9 screens including the primary and the external ones

Part of your problem JPM is that you do this:

close instead of doing this closeScreen

Never reopen Screen1, it causes memory issues. Close screen returns your app to Screen1 from the screen you are on.

You probably have other issues. You might look at SteveJG’s monster list of tips and tricks you can check for possible reasons…

good luck!
let us know, what you find out…


How big is the exported .aia file?

Hello JPM

Are you able to save your Project File (.aia) to your computer?

My Projects, Export selected project (.aia) to my computer

With 9 screens, sounds like your project could be large. Have a think about the number of screens you are using - are they all really necessary or could one be “recycled” to do the work of many? Cannot Build/Install/Run APK

I did remove them already and it still didn’t work

aia formant can be done but not .apk

In addition to how you return to Screen1,

We cannot see your code Blocks or test an aia so you have to debug this yourself. You have nine screens and possibly use an extension which makes providing advice other then general advice impossible.

Upload you Project file for a Power User to take a look for you.