Issue Accessing MIT App Inventor Merger Tool

Has anyone experienced issues accessing the merger tool after downloading? I was able to download it and have Java on my laptop but every time I try to open the .jar file I am prompted to log in with my network administrator password (on a school network). After typing in those credentials, the merger tool still does not open. Our network administrator is also lost.

Hello Rose

I'm not even sure it's compatible with the latest AI2 version.

  1. How many Project files to be merged?
  2. Have they been defined with a merge in mind (Only one handles Screen1, unique variable/list/procedure names etc)?

The AI2 Designer and Blocks Editor have Copy(Ctrl-C) and Paste (Ctrl-V) facilities.

You can use them to copy entire Screens.

Are you sure you really need that tool any more?

The tool itself doesn't need any passwords. It simply reads project files and combines them. If I had a guess, I think that the Java auto-updater tool is trying to set itself up to run automatically, which would explain the need for an administrator password. You might be able to bypass the Java part of this by running java.exe -jar AI2MergerApp.jar in a command prompt (assuming this is Windows).

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