Is Writing A Korean Sentence Through Deep-Learning AI Possible?

Hello, I am currently making a Sign Language Interpreting App as a project using Teachable Machine. Problem being, In Korean, Hangul(Korean Letters) is written by combining the vowels and consonants. For example, ㄷ(example of a vowel)
and ㅐ(example of a consonant) together are written as, 대 but, the demo of the app I am currently still working on, seems to be seeing Hangul and confusing it with the English Alphabet, is there an possible way this can be fixed?

Korean sign language "finger spelling" is similar to ASL. If your model is based on ASL and
finger spelling', that might be your problem

image ASL finger spelling from Wikipedia

Fixed? Without more information about your Project and demo, I don't see how anyone can help you. This is an example of a Japanese sign language project that might give you some ideas Create a simple Sign Language Recognition App using Teachable Machine, Monaca, Vue.js and Framework7 | by Pablo Mateos García | The Web Tub | Medium