Is Tiny DB still good to use for a DB?

I haven't used App Inventor for a couple of years, and was wondering if TinyDB is still to preferred DB to use?

I am creating a log APP that will have several tables.

Thanks for the direction and help.

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Yes it will work still as a db

perfectly fine

Thank you.

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You're welcome!

Are you looking for a cloud db or a device storage? if cloud then tiny db is not made for that. If you want a db for device itself then its quite good but you might wanna look at -

The App Inventor Storage documentation and the Experimental documentation tells you exactly what component you should use depending on your needs.

I see this in the link.

So key length is 80 chars, and value length is 8192 chars.

Is this true?

You need to read the last post in that topic

Oh, I got it.

I will check it out. Thanks

The new TinyDB Namespace feature would help for that.


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