Is there something new in the the management of firebase and its rules?

after hours and hours spent "rewriting" my application using some kind of rest API (thanks TIM) to add, modify my database the block data changed is not easy to use it works but not for all
I would like to return to a simplicity of use even with an extension I will even not leave the rules read an write to true
Maybe my search engine is not very efficient


As far as I am aware, nothing has "changed" on Firebase.

What are you having an issue with? (Show blocks, rules, data,(storage?) )

my problem is updating the database in real time it works for some of the data the modification of some triggers the block data changed of firebase others not even if I see the changes taking place in my databases data
I try to identify the tags which are modified by changing the less things but the more I look, the less I see


after a little walk and a few hours of thinking and reading I was able to find a solution


Can you post the solution so others can learn?

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