Is there really no way to adjust the top and bottom margins of the button component?

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There is a need to place many buttons so I’d like to reduce the top and bottom margins of the button in order to place in 1 screen without usuing the scroolbar.


Is there any solution?

Only easy way is to make images with your button text, then the button can be any height/width you want



An alternative to Tim’s answer is using Arrangements with empty labels (as if they were spacers)

To add upper margin

  • Add a vertical arrangement with a label and the button
  • As an optional step, set width of arrangement to Fill Parent
  • Set no label text (just remove the default one)
  • Set label height to the upper margin you wish to have in your button

Thank you and Diego’s answers.

Your way can’t make smaller button size, and it must show some changed text on it. In other words the button has a function as a button well as the label.

Diego’s answer doesn’t make me fully understand.
I tried the way he said, I didn’t complete it.

Anyway, thanks again.

I believe you mean Padding not Margin:

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With this unique requirement I suggest you use labels and this extension to add click functionality:

Note: I haven't used this extension before but it looks pretty straightforward.

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