Is there anyone running the Emulator on HighSierra?

I have trouble installing the Emulator in HighSierra, both in a regular mac and in a HighSierra VM that I'm running in Catalina. Before insisting, I would like to know if there are App Inventor users that successfully installed the Emulator in HighSierra.

Thanks in advance for your help

No one using the Emulator on HighSierra?

The post you linked is exactly my post where I describe my problem. As I wasn't able to solve the problem in more than a month, I was wondering if there is anyone in the App Inventor community that is using the App Inventor Emulator on a HighSierra mac. If there is no one using the Emulator on a HighSierra mac, I guess there is a serious bug in the mac Emulator that has not been solved yet. So I can stop looking for what I'm doing wrong.

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lol didn't see that..... :smile:Thanks for telling me. Sorry @s_federici, I really don't have any other advice. I removed the post @s_federici.