Is there any ways to change app name with blocks?

I’d like to make an app with localization. everything with strings inside app is going well but I’d like to change app name as well, according to language code.

if anybody knows some method to change app name with blocks, extension, or any other great ways, please let me know

Actually I would really love if there is a block at common Screen1, set Screen1.appname to ~~

Not possible with blocks, only in the Designer (
The app name is set at compilation

As Tim said, no you cannot if you mean you want to change this:

As shown in the documentation

Notice the capability is only possible to change in the designer-only.

Is there any possibility that such block - set Screen1.AppName to ~~ - be added to AI2 later?

Well, does it make sense to change the app name during runtime of the app? What is your use case?
This would allow apps to pose as another app and I think, this is not, what anyone wants...


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When I buy a PC game or choose to watch an online video,
the presentation of catalog items is made at the app store,
or the video provider, according to my language preferences.
The games and movies don’t change themselves to my preference.
The producers just publish language-specific variants, I assume.

well i found some apps that changes its app name according to my phone’s language preferences, and some google search result says there are ways to change app names with strings.xml according to user language setting, but I don’t know AI2 can do same thing

so kinda I just want to do similar thing. but well ok it can’t change its name while running

Yes, the Android launcher program reads the (possibly translated) name from the application's manifest, resolving any references to strings.xml. This means that you would need to provide all of the translations at design time so we could generate the strings.xml. Unfortunately, we do not have a mechanism to do this in App Inventor at this time. It may be possible to use one of the after-compilation APK editing tools to add the translations and update the manifest but that is not something I've looked into.


great thank you for the advice )))

When I change languages setting of my phone, the Android can change names of several apps (ie. a qr code reader from the App Store). This is very useful for those who cannot read English.
(There is an ai2 extension, which can change the icon of the app...)
I also hope that one day there will be a solution in ai2.

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