Is there any way to download blob files?


I am looking to add on to my app a download function.

The location I would be downloading from stores files as blob images, and base64 encoding.

I have been trying to utilize a number of avenues but have struck out on each one. I realize a lot of this is generic, so I am looking for some generic advice on extensions or ways to accomplish this.

Thank you

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What you do will depend on exactly how and where your "blobs" are stored (as objects / string in a database field, in a file, and whether they have the datauri - e.g. data:image/png;base64,).

More details required....

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Based on my research in order to download the increasingly common blob, you would need to create a bloburi which is a pointer to the data in memory via the URL.createObjectURL(blob) based on this source:

I might try and integrate blob javascript as described here:

Given my minimal knowledge of Javascript and also limited knowledge of appinventor, if this would be simple for you I am sure many would appreciate it. Either way I might take a stab at it.

(I did come across some methods using base64 but they seem very cumbersome).

Sure, I shall take a look.

No pressure, but I would be willing to sponsor it

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