Is there any extension which does a similar function to this? (transform image into line drawing)

I want to make a camera app, where after the user takes a picture, that picture is turned into a drawing on a canvas. Are there any extensions or methods to do this?

You can shot a pic, upload it into a canvas and make some draw on it . All this with regular block.
Is this what you looking for ?

No I meant like the picture gets drawn onto the canvas, not a background.

Like to add a draw effect on the pic ?

Could you clarify what "a draw effect" means?

That the pic became like a drawning .

Yes exactly

The extension would have to use artificial intelligence or some complicated scripts. Find a website that provides an API to create something like this.

See here:

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Sorry I don't know this kind of extension.

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He wants to turn a photograph into a "painted picture". Something like an anime effect.

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Some insight in what you could do to create such a filter:

Olympus camera's have an in-built filter that can convert a photo to a so-clled key-line picture. After this conversion, the picture indeed looks like a drawing.

If you have a picture on a canvas, you can find the color of each background pixel using the GetBackgroundPixelColor block. Then, you could traverse the whole image, and if two adjacent colors are too far apart, you could replace one pixel with black. I think that is roughly the idea, but I also think that I do not want to code it for you ;-(

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Here is how one might create paintings from images using Android Studio . This is not an App Inventor solution but might provide code for an extension you develop.


image processing - Implementing Oil Painting effect in android - Stack Overflow .

See also this extension.

Thank you very much, and I appreciate the help from everyone

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