Is there an extension that lets me send ADB Commands via wireless debugging or OTG?

I'm trying to make an app that automates sideloading apps from an Android phone to an Android TV device, but I need something that lets me connect to it through ADB. Thanks in advance.

You can try Terminal extension by @Juan_Antonio

Could you run termux on your Android TV, then set up a server running php to receive and handle uploads....

How do I run ADB on it? Does it support OTG connection?

That's waaaay too elaborated. I just want a Plug-And-Play-like ADB connection, without doing any action on the TV/Box except for enabling USB debugging, so non-tech savvy users can do it easily.

that need root permisson.
i made an extension and try access to adb without root but i failed

Sorry for the late reply, but there is an app called Bugjaeger on the Play Store and it works without root. Is there any way to do something similar on App Inventor?

Can you use that app ?

Yeah, and it works perfectly fine. I just wanted to make something easy (one click sideloading).