Is there a way to turn on screen?

Is there a way to turn on screen ?
my app is running in background (playing music) and i want it to turn on screen on some events...

I think @Taifun may have an extension that might support this. You may want to look at the list of extensions and identify things related to screen management and wake locks.

I didn't find it. i only find extensions to bright up and down the screen but none to turn it on

TaifunTools is the name of the extension you are looking for.

I don't think he's looking for a KeepScreenOn method, but rather how to unlock a locked screen.
However, I think that it cannot be done programmatically.

Keyguard Manager extension can be used if phone has auth enabled.

yes that's rigth.

but some app doest it on store !

I had a look on this, but i saw nothing about turning screen on...

Can you give an example of one of these some app because I have to say it's strange app behavior. I would not like to use an app that would turn on the screen when I don't want it ...

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this one does it. i used it for ans i can turn on screen on some events...

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