Is there a way to test if a character is an emoji?

I have a text box and only want the user to be able to type in emoji. Is there a test to check if a character is an emoji?

Yes, you can check if a character or a full string (text) if contains an emoji.

Just execute this JavaScript in the invisible web-view:


And then use a block called "WebViewStringChangeEvent".

You should have to check conditions like this:


And if you want to remove emojis refer to this topic:

and navigate to the section called "Filter emojis".

EmojiCheck.aia (1.9 KB)


Thank you! I'll be attempting this tomorrow, and will let you know how it goes.
Also, I don't want to remove emoji; I want to remove everything EXCEPT emoji. I think this solution should work well, though!

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Hello! Sorry to bother you again.
Your code to remove emojis works brilliantly, but I need to do the opposite: remove everything except emoji. I tried searching on the internet for how to do that, or for how to negate a regex (I think you used a regex?) but what I tested did not work. I'm not familiar with JavaScript or regexes at the moment.
How should I change the replace command to remove everything except for emoji?

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First split the text into a character array then you loop over each character and if it's an emoji then you append it into a new text variable if it's not emoji, then don't append it. Simple.

Lemme know if you're stuck somewhere :slightly_smiling_face:

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I'll research how to split the text, and will try this later! Thanks :slight_smile:
If I get stuck I'll send a reply.

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I think I got it!
I cant split the text into a character array, because some characters which are a single grapheme contain multiple Unicode characters.
But even if I can't, the grapheme-splitter library can!
I added the library into my project, and can use it to get a proper character array, then use the process you described.
If I have any problems I'll ask them, but I think I got it now. As a newer App Inventor user, thank you for showing me all these tools!

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