Is there a way to start some procedure in new thread

I have a procedure which need time to proceed so my program is frozen during this period
is there a way to start this procedur in an other thread in order to not wait it to finish before doing other things ?

An asynchronous process is needed.

There is such an extension. I know at least two extensions that can do this. Look in the Taifun extensions directory.

Not possible with App Inventor Blocks. App Inventor 2 is single threaded. It processes commands asynchronously (coding will not begin a subsequent operation until receipt of an indication (signal) that the preceding operation has been completed).

This article (written about App Inventor Classic but which is still relevant) explains

You might code using the multithreaded Android Studio or B4A or Delphi Community Edition that are professional compilers that can process two or more threads simultaneously.

Try this extension:

It doesn't work with all features, especially if you use extensions in your routines. You can try it out. Processing long lists and other data works ok with this and doesn't stop the app.
This extension uses @ewpatton code.

Ok thanks. i will have a look on it... :+1: