Is there a way to save different lists to the same tag in TinyDB?

I'm making a daily tasks app and if I choose a different date, it shows the tasks for any other date as well. Is there a way to use an If-then block or since it's still the same tag in TinyDB it wouldn't help ? I was thinking something like "If the date is global date, then save to TinyDB/show listview elements" or do I need to make a different tag ? Hope my question was clear.

Yes, you can save a list of lists to a single tinydb tag.


You may want to consider using dictionaries to help you keep track of what the data values are...

To clarify, I want to be able to pick a date and show a list of tasks for that date only. Now I can pick any date, but it'll show all the tasks for any day because they're being saved to the same place. A list of lists would help if I wanted them all in the same place, right? Thanks for sharing that idea, even though I probably won't be able to use it this time. Do I need to make a separate tag to save different day's daily tasks or is there a way to have it show in its day only (using an if block maybe)? Thanks for helping.

Why not, it will do what you want?

You can save your entire task list to one tag, or save each days (date) tasks to individual tags. The choice is yours.

Thank you for all your help!