Is there a way to make indirect assignment for a variable

I have a series of variables that I would like to assign from a file that I read at the beginning.
In each line of the file I have the name of the variable and the content to put on this variable.
I did not find a way to easily assign the value to each variable, meaning I don't want to put dozens of
set.variable. X1 to value1
set.variable. X2 to value2
set.variable. X3 to value3...

I would prefer making something like:
for each line
assign variable whose name is in first column to the value found in second column

Is it possible?

This looks like a good place for a dictionary,
with key = 'X1', 'X2', ... and values = value1, value2, etc.

Why didn't I think of that first.
It solved the case elegantly.
Thank you Abraham.

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