Is there a way to make extensions with no code?

About all extension development platforms I know are appybuilder, niotron ide, and rush. They involve code! I don't know much about code, neither I can properly code all the time. Is there a drag n drop way or anything?


No, there's not anyway to create extensions without code.


That would be a great project. Using a Blockly based builder to build extensions. @vknow360 What would be the pros and cons in doing it that way?


If the blocks anywhere provided evrything that could be written in java, I don't think you would need an AppInventor. I don't think you can translate everything into blocks. And we still needed the extensions written in java to create the extension in blocks.


Hmm.. Interesting project to work on. But there would be a few cons. What @Patryk_F would be correct, Not everything can be translated into blocks.

Another problem would be using libraries in the Extension. Maybe something that could read / parse all the methods in a class?

Still its a nice project to work on.

@Patryk_F is right that we can't translate everything to blocks but it will be a great project if extension/application can be developed with both blocks and java like android studio does(having drag and drop at one side and code on other :grin: so that we can use both as per our convenience).

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It should be easily doable if a person is experienced with handling nodes, lexing and other things.

Currently working on a project that translates simple sentences into java:

var num_ = "android java" + 1

... parts break down
[[type='var', value=[num_, "android java", +, 1]]]


Oh Great :heart_eyes: Best wishes

Seems good.

Good luck on that!

I think that if someone would learn these simple sentences, it would be better to learn "Java" or better "Kotlin". I think that there is no point in learning something on what we will lose a lot of time, and still will not give us freedom in programming. I think that if someone has passed by Appinventor, next by creating expansion in Java for appinventor, the next step is pure Java and Android Studio if we want to create apps on Android. I think that it saves it a lot of time, gray hair, etc.


Yeah just right, but people often take more time to understand simple != than words like IF ELSE else they just want direct solution.

U took it far.... he is doing the same with code programming that AppInventor did appinventor made app developing without code so he is making to write code by sentences :grinning:

no, that is not related, I was just doing it as a project from yesterday, not related at all.

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yeah i know but i am just clarifying @Patryk_F

Even if someone makes such a project, can javas all thousands of code and annotations be wrapped in blocks?

yes they can be like appinventor wraps up xml and java code with blocks Am i right :sweat_smile:?


  • No need of learning Java and/or Kotlin.
  • Extension development accessible to everyone
  • Someday end of IDEs like Intellij and Eclipse

A big question on future of App Inventor.Like basically both will do same eventually and it may create a loop.
Create extension with blocks -> Use that extension to create app with extension's blocks which is itself made using blocks -> Blocks == Extension

I never saw the blockly part of AI unfortunately. :man_shrugging:



And it will probably destroy extension dev algorithm, can a blockly learnt developer solve doubts of a java extension developer, ofc no!

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Yeah it will do the same things, Java just provides a very good number of inbuilt things that cant be done with normal things available in the Ai2 platform, at least yet useful things like regex.

Also, if someone makes and aix and faces errors, he will not be able to solve them as he wont know java

It seems to me kinda like Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V development