Is there a way to get web output from app inventor output?

Hi,Is there a way to get web output from app inverter output?And it can be displayed online.

Could you clarify what you're trying to accomplish?

App Inventor creates native mobile apps. It does not create websites. That said, you can use some of the components of App Inventor to push data to other places (e.g., FirebaseDB or Web components) which you could then build a website around. In the next major release there will also be support for interacting with Google Sheets, which can be published on the web.

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Hi.thanks.I work with Storyline, which gives a web output that works with computers and can also be placed on the host so that both computers and phones with browsers can use it. It can be directly converted to apk and used directly on phones.Once you create a program, you can use it both online and offline on computers and smartphones(android and ios).Storyline also communicates with Google Sheets with JavaScript.App Inventor product must be downloaded to be able to use it, but web products do not need to be downloaded to use.Storyline is not open source but app inventor products(applications)are open source.
Is it not possible that the app built with App Inventor can also generate web output?
As the output of the web can be converted into an application.
Just as by installing Flutter in Android Studio and using the Dart language, it can be used to create mobile, desktop, server and web applications.