Is there a way to detect keyboard status, is the keyboard shown or hideen

Hidden keyboard:

Shown keyboard : e

There is no keyboard visible property available.

You can working around this using the Hide Keyboard block found in Screen1 and Textbox1, and if you install Taifun's Tools Extension, there is a Show Keyboard block

I need this too. When user clicks Androids 'back' button the keyboard disappears and then I want to change height of the screen (or textbox).
This is the case. I have a multiline textbox at the bottom of my screen. When the textbox gets focus it is hidden behind the keyboard, so I change the height of the textbox when textbox 'gotfocus' so it stays visible. Then when the keyboard is closed by the user (by the back button) I want to set the height of the textbox to it's original height so that there is no scrollbar in the screen.