Is there a way to change the screen brightness?

version 8.1.0

hey, could someone help? im still stuck :sweat_smile:

does the test project work for you?

nope, it doesnt for some reason

to be able to set the brightness, you first have to set the Brightness Mode to manual


also first you have to allow to modify the system settings...


i cant find that screen, whenever i open modify sistem settings, mit app inventor aint there

the name of my test app is settings and the device settings screen will be opened during Screen Initialize...
you might want to post a screenshot of what you are getting after opening the test app...

Follow the opt-in URL to get access to the settings app and to be able to download it to your device


your test app did work on my device, but when i open the modify system settings on my device to try to enable on my apk, its not there for me

ok, so the extension is working fine

well, your app without the settings extension obviously does not work...
why do you think, I spent time to create the extension if we could have the result without it?


i have been using another extention, a free one that i found here on mit, but sadly it wont work

Did you try this extension which changes the brightness of the current window only....

hmmm, just tested not working for me here...perhaps needs to be compiled?

well, probably it would help others to tell us, which extension does not work...
what about providing a link to the not working extension, so the extension developer can help?


When all else fails; use an intent


This ActivityStarter example brings up the system Settings Display on an Android 8.1. You can set brightness from there manually if it helps. There is a sub setting for Auto brightness. When set, my screen brightness adjusts automatically based on the current lighting conditions

How do i get the ActivityStarter blocks? i cant seem to find them, just blind xd


I tried on my device, and nothing happened, i placed a OnScreen1 Initialize, do Activity Starter Action

(wait,nvm i forgot the start activity block, let me check)

The app that im trying to do is, im using the light sensor to change the brightness, just to mess around with it a bit, thats why im using that brightness extention, but thanks, it sure goes to the display settings, but that wasnt what i was looking for, which was changing the brightness by the light sensor value

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