Is there a way to add your own CSS to a MIT App Inventor project?

I wanted to add my own CSS to my App Inventor project to make the interface better, however, I couldn't find a corresponding block for that. Please let me know if it's possible and show me how. Thanks 🥲

Can anyone help? :pray:

By your own AI2 project, do you mean

Your own implementation of AI2 itself, or

Your own project in AI2?

You can change themes in Project -> Properties

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I wanted to change the border radius of the notifier pop-up, but it's not possible to change it in any section or with any block.

It would be much easier to use an extension to create your notifier, than to try to change the source.

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Oh, alright. I'll try to find an extension for that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Apps built with App Inventor are native apps, not renderings using HTML and a WebView like on some other development platforms so customizing things with CSS isn't an option. I would also point out in particular for the Notifier that the alert views used are often controlled by the framework and may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, or between different OS versions. If this is for your own use on a single device then that's probably fine, but if you're planning to distribute your app widely then you may have issues with app stability if another platform combination makes an unexpected change to the view hierarchy.