Is there a way how to mirror (flip in x) a sprite

Hi, is there a way or workaround to flip (mirror) an ImageSprite? I know how to move it and rotate, but I can not find a way how to mirror it.

Any ideas/help?


To actually flip? No.

Simple work around: Provide two images (image, imageflipped). Replace image with imageflipped as required.

the image exitor extension offers a flip method, see here
you still can download the extension here NMD - Source - Browse Files at


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Hi Taifun,

Thanks! This looks like it should work but I have one question for you. What is accepted as “type” in the “call Flip.Picure” blokc? Also is this how it suppose to be used for mirroring pictures?


The tooltip tells you, hover your mouse over the block

type = 1 = vertical, type = 2 = horizontal

TIMAI2 I have been looking for some manual on the authors page and there are tool tips :slight_smile: Thanks!

One more question - I have really simple canvas with one sprite (LOGO) and this blocks… In theory - if I click once the image should be mirrored (this works), then when I click again the image should be mirrored in the same axis again (so restored back) but this doesn’t works for me - after the second clik the image disappear…

Like so:

Understood - thanks, works OK :slight_smile:

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